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New Green Employers Directory
Facilitates Job Matching

Posted 09:28 PM HST, December 29, 2011

Solar panel installation is a green job. Photo courtesy of DLIR.

By Sonia Isotov

The Hawai‘i State Department of Labor & Industrial Relations (DLIR) has launched a web-based directory of Green Employers as part of its Hawai‘i Green Jobs Initiative.

The directory already includes 289 Hawaii-based companies and 69 business located in Maui County alone. Searching is available by county, by industry, or by company name. The list is downloadable to an MSExcel spreadsheet and includes full contact information, primary contact name, job title, and job description.

Green employers are defined by the DLIR as businesses that employ workers in occupations in these core areas:

  • Generate clean, renewable, sustainable Energy
  • Reduce pollution and waste; conserve natural resources; recycle
  • Energy efficiency
  • Education, training and support of green workforce
  • Natural, sustainable, environmentally-friendly production

Green jobs can be found on Hawaii wind farms. Photo courtesy of DLIR.

Companies in these core areas may post or update their profiles which describe their operations, specify their core occupations, and describe the skills and education they want in employees. In turn, jobseekers access the employer profiles to learn about these companies and the workers they require.

The Hawaii Directory of Green Employers is made possible through a grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) from the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. The directory includes results from a 2010 survey conducted by the Hawai‘i Green Jobs Initiative to assess the number of green jobs in the private sector in the state.

Dwight Takamine, DLIR Director. Photo courtesy of Hawaii News Now.

“Hawaii has hundreds of Green Employers operating thousands of work sites—and through our Hawai‘i Green Jobs Initiative we are investing in the state’s workforce by providing training needed to work with green companies,” said DLIR Director Dwight Takamine in a written statement.

“Now we have developed a comprehensive, centralized tool for matching existing employers with potential employees. This is an important step forward as we continue to build a sustainable economy.”

The directory will be maintained via the eHawaii.gov program, a largely self-funded public-private partnership between the State of Hawaii and Hawaii Information Consortium LLC. This partnership has allowed Hawaii to deploy similar state applications such as: Hawaii Electronic Bench Warrants, Statewide Camping Permits, Hawaii Business Express and Online Motor Vehicle Renewals.

To access the directory, go to https://lmi.ehawaii.gov/green. Employers may access their listings by clicking on the Administration Login link at the bottom of the Homepage. Businesses wishing to be added to the directory may contact the DLIR Research and Statistics office at (808) 586-9013 or dlir.rs.greenjobshawaii@hawaii.gov.

HEADLINE NEWS Weekly Newsletter
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