Tsunami Advisory Cancelled

October 27, 2012, 10:14 PM HST · Updated October 28, 4:46 AM

By Maui Now Staff

(Update: 4 a.m. 10/28/12)

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has CANCELLED the TSUNAMI ADVISORY for the Hawaiian Islands as of 3:58 a.m. on Sunday, October 28, 2012.

Officials say tsunami wave heights across the state of Hawaii are now below advisory levels and are continuing to diminish. Based on all available data the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is now cancelling the Tsunami Advisory. Smaller sea level changes and strong or unusual currents may persist for several additional hours and appropriate caution should be exercised by boaters and swimmers.


Maui County Civil Defense officials say this will be the notification on this event.


***The information contained below has since expired.***

The tsunami warning has been downgraded to an advisory and residents in inundation zones can return to their homes.

From National Weather Service:

MEASUREMENTS OR REPORTS OF TSUNAMI ACTIVITY LOCATION LAT LON TIME AMPL ------------------------ ----- ------ ------- ----------- CRAIG AK 55.5N 133.1W 0446UTC 00.3FT/00.10M PORT ALEXANDER AK 56.2N 134.6W 0533UTC 00.5FT/00.14M SITKA AK 57.1N 135.3W 0730UTC 00.4FT/00.12M ELFIN COVE AK 58.2N 136.3W 0448UTC 00.2FT/00.07M YAKUTAT AK 59.5N 139.7W 0732UTC 00.5FT/00.14M SEWARD AK 60.1N 149.4W 0600UTC 00.5FT/00.16M KODIAK AK 57.7N 152.5W 0650UTC 00.4FT/00.13M SAND POINT AK 55.3N 160.5W 0744UTC 00.3FT/00.08M DUTCH HARBOR AK 53.9N 166.5W 0755UTC 00.1FT/00.04M NIKOLSKI AK 52.9N 168.9W 0753UTC 00.2FT/00.06M ATKA AK 52.2N 174.2W 0831UTC 00.5FT/00.14M WINTER HARBOUR BC 50.7N 128.3W 0746UTC 00.8FT/00.24M NEAH BAY WA 48.4N 124.6W 0530UTC 00.3FT/00.10M PORT ANGELES WA 48.1N 123.4W 0640UTC 00.4FT/00.11M LA PUSH WA 47.5N 124.4W 0448UTC 00.4FT/00.13M WESTPORT WA 46.9N 124.1W 0550UTC 00.3FT/00.10M GARIBALDI OR 45.6N 123.9W 0515UTC 00.2FT/00.05M SOUTH BEACH OR 44.6N 124.0W 0524UTC 00.3FT/00.09M CHARLESTON OR 43.3N 124.3W 0702UTC 00.4FT/00.12M PORT ORFORD OR 42.7N 124.5W 0841UTC 00.8FT/00.23M CRESCENT CITY CA 41.7N 124.2W 0914UTC 01.5FT/00.46M NORTH SPIT CA 40.8N 124.2W 0626UTC 00.5FT/00.15M ARENA COVE CA 38.9N 123.7W 0637UTC 01.3FT/00.41M POINT REYES CA 38.0N 123.0W 0905UTC 00.8FT/00.25M SAN FRANCISCO CA 37.8N 122.5W 0802UTC 00.5FT/00.14M MONTEREY HARBOR CA 36.6N 121.9W 0738UTC 00.4FT/00.13M PORT SAN LUIS CA 35.2N 120.8W 0810UTC 00.9FT/00.27M LA JOLLA CA 32.9N 117.3W 0742UTC 00.2FT/00.06M MOKULOE OAHU HI 21.4N 157.8W 0854UTC 00.2FT/00.08M NAWILWILI HI 22.0N 159.4W 0851UTC 00.1FT/00.03M HILO HI 19.7N 155.1W 1013UTC 01.2FT/00.37M KAHULUI MAUI HI 20.9N 156.5W 0900UTC 02.5FT/00.76M KAWAIHAE HI 20.0N 155.8W 0931UTC 01.9FT/00.56M HALEIWA HI 21.6N 158.1W 0855UTC 01.4FT/00.43M HONOLULU OAHU HI 21.3N 157.9W 0905UTC 00.5FT/00.15M MAKAPUU HI 21.3N 157.7W 0934UTC 01.3FT/00.41M


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