Makena Resort Puts Spotlight on Cabernet Franc

September 24, 2013, 2:00 PM HST · Updated September 24, 3:15 PM

By Vanessa Wolf

A canape prepared by Chef McDowell at an earlier Makena event. Photo by Vanessa Wolf

A canape prepared by Chef McDowell at an earlier Makena event. Photo by Vanessa Wolf.

Makena Beach & Golf Resort’s Food & Wine Education Series continues Thursday with a spotlight on the oft-overlooked red wine, the Cabernet Franc.

A varietal known as the ‘third grape of Bordeaux,’ Cabernet Franc often appears as an ingredient wine to many of the world’s renowned blended red wines including Bordeaux.

For Makena’s September edition of their monthly Food & Wine Education Series, Master Sommelier Patrick Okubo brings this wine to the forefront as a stand-alone varietal that can be enjoyed with many foods from across the world.


Cabernet Franc wine is made from a thin-skinned grape that grows in cooler climates and is originally from the Loire Valley regions of France. Today, the wine is grown all over the world in Australia, Chile, Canada, South Africa, California and Washington.

For this particular tasting Okubo presents two Cabernet Francs and a red blend wine.

The first is Damine De Pallus “Les Pensees De Pallus” Cabernet Franc, originating from Chinon, France. According to the resort, this particular wine enjoys classic Loire Valley aromas and flavors with the textural depth of the old world.

The wine will be paired with quail smoked in black tea and seasonal herbs.

Courtesy image

Courtesy image.

Next up is the Chilean Peñalolén Cabernet Franc wine.

The cool-climate Casablanca Valley Wine is described as having “aromas of red currant, berries with hints of herbs, spices and floral notes.”

The wine is served with Chilean Tacos Carnitas with bell peppers, onions and fresh cilantro.

Last to be poured is a red wine blend that hails from California’s Napa Valley.

Farrier Wine Company’s Presshouse Red Blend provides the ideal comparison blend.

Okubo will aid guests in being able to distinguish the distinct notes of Cabernet Franc in wine.

The final glass is paired with lamb sliders topped with blue cheese and red onions.

In addition to preparing each tasting dish for the event, Executive Chef Marc McDowell will start the evening off with a cooking demonstration featuring one of the tasting dishes of the evening. The entire tasting, including all wines and dishes, are offered at $40 per person.

Seating is limited, and reservations are required. Call 808-875-5888 to make yours.

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