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Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Maui_Mike on 6/26/2017 3:13am

Wrong again, I don't deny the effects, I rely on's the whole point of using it, I'm not trying to get you to use it, I'm just saying it's my choice if I do, it should be my right to do as I choose and yours to do as you choose........just like I can't tell you what to eat, drink or smoke, I hope that makes sense to you.
But I deny no such thing.

Re: Maui Motorcyclist Dies in Hāna Highway CollisionPosted by Brian B on 6/26/2017 1:35am

I was just informed of a childhood friend passing, I couldn't believe the news. We had great times! May you rest in peace my friend. My thoughts and prayers are with the family!

Re: Ask the Mayor: Where’s the Pink?Posted by Mahukaawenui on 6/25/2017 11:31pm

The Facebook comment is spot on. Obviously the color pink has become a trigger and a symbol of discrimination to the gender fluid.

Re: Maui Dispensary Begins Patient Intake on MondayPosted by Mahukaawenui on 6/25/2017 11:21pm

So stupid. Good Lord why do we let our government get involved in this stuff. Just legalize it already. It's weed. A grown adult shouldn't need to go through hoops to score some spleef whether for medical or recreational use. If thats how you want to spend your spare time then grow your own or put it behind the counter with the cigarettes at Minute Stop.
Why aren't there any bourbon dispensaries. A couple generations from now will wonder what we were thinking.

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Stand Alone 🐼 on 6/25/2017 4:47pm

Tisk, tisk, tisk..... just another of your denial.

You don't have to try to convince me about the right side nor the wrong side. Cause we both know who's thinking straight.

Facts about THC is been proven. You're just looking in just one side. Which is the medical aspects of marijuana. Which I do realize. But, I also looking at the effects of THC of it. Which it's obvious you're in denial of.
See mike that's what you can't comprehend.

And we who think straight and knows the difference between right and wrong is really not what you say. "A small portion of society" We are much larger then you think.

So, mike if you're happy in your little world of denial. Enjoy.....

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Maui_Mike on 6/25/2017 3:24pm

You make assumptions about my political allegiances and loyalty to particular candidates that are simply not accurate.......or relevant.
And we all see how well the con artist/businessman/game show host is doing at governing, it's going great......
Every word of your manifesto proves how out of touch with reality you actually are, you're a real cognitive dissonance poster child.

Re: Intent to Veto List Includes Bills on Aquarium Fish, Tiny Homes, Motorcycle SafetyPosted by nomakelidat on 6/25/2017 3:04pm

eh Ige, Nomakelidat..

Re: Man Sentenced 10 Years for Child PornographyPosted by pukui on 6/25/2017 11:25am

Sick and disgusting. While the charges imply he did not create any of these videos, I can't help but wonder what unreported crimes a person like this may have committed...

Re: Lowering Kona Crab Catch Limits ConsideredPosted by nomakelidat on 6/25/2017 9:11am

Still get?? Long time I no see Kona crab. I though all make' already.

Re: Hāna Highway Closed at Baldwin Ave in Pā‘iaPosted by nomakelidat on 6/25/2017 9:06am

I know this is off the subject, and my prayers are for those involved in the accident. BUT, When will we get a by-pass going thru Paia? Not, a by-pass,(LOL) that takes you right back into the middle of Paia?

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Sam on 6/25/2017 6:11am

Mike, this is how I feel. The problem with dems is that you have never gotten over the fact that HRC is not your POTUS and lost to a businessman and a non politician. Doesn't this show you what made America great, its business minds. Not lawyers and politicians, check your facts. Looks to me like the Democratic party and its followers will never ever get over the fact. Just accept T. When Obama was elected, the first black President, we Republicans accepted and went on about our daily business. There were no nitwits on college campuses protesting, no conspiracy theories that the elections were rigged and low fake news loved it for 8 years. Speaking of Ruskies, Obama knew it...and did nothing. All those hearings about T and Russia and nothing was found but cost the taxpayers millions of $$, something that Dems love to do, like 1.4 B that went on the airplane in the middle of the night and it was delivered to one of the USA main threats. Wow! Who OK and oversaw that budget? How about an Audit on that? ( I wish). How many suitcases ($$$green) went to different people.
Mike, please accept the reality that T is your POTUS because people are fed up with the always double talking politicians much like your own thinking, were you can't answer a question without twisting it. People were fed up with all the giveaways, freeloaders, corruption and ridiculous laws. If you want to keep Central Maui green, you have to keep it out of the hands of the politicians and we know that deals are already being made. Why not alot the land to local organic farmers who care about the land and the environment. That will keep it green.
In conclusion (haha), Mike; your way of thinking seems to be so stereotyped were if its raining out, you would say it isn't, if the water is warm you would say its cold. Just because you didn't come up with the idea first, you won't agree. Isn't it about time to wake up and smell the coffee and your whole party and do what's good for the Hawaiian people and the country.
God Bless America!

Re: Ask the Mayor: How About a Shower at Pā‘ia’s Baby Park?Posted by Fish on 6/24/2017 1:50pm

Off island right now. Missing home even though I'm reminded how nasty Maui facilities are when I'm elsewhere. For the mayor or his minons to say locals deserved better is a joke. No bathrooms. Nasty bathrooms. Dirty parks.
Dumped cars. Something has to give

Re: VIDEO: Malika Interviews Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida PintoPosted by Bobby Giordano on 6/24/2017 11:43am

Enough already

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Maui_Mike on 6/24/2017 11:21am

You make assumptions that are not supported by facts, and my very first comment was actually about keeping central maui green.....
Illegal border activity was at a forty year low before drumpf ever took office, I suppose you think your news from fox or from your tin foil hat is accurate, you are living in an alternate reality and are very misinformed, but I'm not in need of your validation and choose not to argue with those in your small minded little group.

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Sam on 6/24/2017 7:55am

Mike, as usual a typical statement from a lib dem. FYI the statistic show the border patrol have been making more and more arrests and the flow of drugs is slowing down. The reason you don't know this is bcs CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the dem controlled media don't talk about it. I wonder if Johnny Depp was on mj when he made his intelligent statement or the other dems were happy abt that shooting in Virginia.
No comment abt keeping Central Maui green? I guess all you care about is mj and the $$$ that it will bring in and can be misused by the politicians.

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Maui_Mike on 6/24/2017 6:31am

You are using alternative facts, the true statistical facts prove you wrong, and the war on drugs has and continues to be a miserable failure, especially relative to marijuana, it is readily available and widely used everywhere you go in America.
trump has taken no action on the border as of yet, so your imaginary progress is entertaining at best.
Eight states plus D.C. are legal now, and the story is clear, it is more positive than not.
So I'll rely on verifiable facts and respectfully disagree with your personal opinion.
I'm not sore, nor am I losing anything.....stand alone and I have debated this issue for years, and we probably will for many more to come, hopefully in a civil and adult manner.

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Sam on 6/24/2017 5:51am

Mike, you speak strictly like a sore loser lib dem by twisting words. You turn facts around to support your thinking and likes.
The war on drugs is working especially since the new POTUS took over from the past 8 years, were there was no war on drugs or border protections.
I don't know were you get your facts from, let's guess CA, Washington, OR, CO that the majority want this legalized. Oh...they did and look closely at the trouble they are having. Your poll info must be from the same sources that had HRC winning. Fake news and fake polls.
If history shows anything look what happened when prohibition ended. Alcohol problem in this country are not discussed anymore bcs of the drug epidemic. I can just imagine what would happen if mj was legal.
You mention extra money it would bring in, why not start planting eatable food instead of smokable food. The only green mj would produce would be $$$ for the politicians, one way or another.

Re: VIDEO: Count Down to July 1st Maui Hospital TransitionPosted by Nailbanger on 6/24/2017 4:39am

Heres something most of you dont know,
The state, cant manage the system without losing money, so they ditch the system they created on Maui so they can build a new state run hospital on Oahu,,,way to go democrats

Re: Maui Film “Kuleana” to Make Summer Debut at HomePosted by allenbam on 6/23/2017 7:27pm

Chris...every article I've ever read by Wendy Osher has typo's and mistakes...sadly it seems to be her's like she can't be bothered to spell check or proof read, after all she IS the leader of the Maui Now news team...

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Maui_Mike on 6/23/2017 1:58pm

You spew words and call them facts, you highlight a couple negative things but ignore all the positives, you deny the glaring fact that prohibition and the war on drugs is a total failure, and you choose to show your ignorance in the subject every chance you get, you obviously like to display your lack of knowledge.
I don't think I could dumb this down enough for you to understand it, and frankly I'm not interested in changing your opinion, you are part of a small portion of society, the majority are those like are going to see things go the opposite way you believe it should, so get used to being on the wrong side of history.

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Stand Alone 🐼 on 6/23/2017 12:01pm

I've failed nothing. It's the same old thing with you and your denial.
I've been putting all the facts and statistics in front of you.

This is just one of many that ( I TOLD YOU so ).
Your facts is (fake facts) with no back bone to anything you say. My facts came from reliable sources.

You also can research the facts. Just be sure you look at both shoes. Not just one side.

Now I pau..... or am I?

Ps. This came about cause you said there was no evidence or statistics of accidents caused by marijuana.
(Death)? They never mentioned any. but, again there might have been.
If not, there will be....

Legalization is just stupid...

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Maui_Mike on 6/23/2017 11:15am

You fail to realize that marijuana prohibition is a failure, a drain of resources, and the positive aspects of legalization far outweigh the negatives........your opinion is contrary to the facts and evidence, but I'm not going to debate this issue with you again, that is an exercise in futility to say the least, we can just agree to disagree on this, you should feel free to explore the statistical facts that crime is down and police effectiveness is up in all the legalized states.......then there is the much needed money, that's a nice bonus.
But believe whatever you need to, facts are not important.
At least we can all agree on the importance of agriculture in the former sugar fields, none of us want to see it overdeveloped.

Re: Man Sentenced 10 Years for Child PornographyPosted by Dr. Feelgood on 6/23/2017 10:59am

I hope he actually serves the whole 10 years and does't get some weak azz early release after he "finds Jesus"

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Stand Alone 🐼 on 6/23/2017 5:34am

It's just the beginning mike. About legalizing marijuana is just plain stupid.
But agreed about farming here.

Re: A&B to Plant Pongamia Energy Crop in Central MauiPosted by Maui_Mike on 6/23/2017 5:27am

I'm sure you find that information to be interesting, but it has absolutely nothing to do with agriculture in central Maui.........and there is no clear proof of a correlation between marijuana use and accidents in those states, it's a non scientific conclusion, but I've always said mixing use and driving is a bad idea, so this is information I've already processed.......nothing new there.
Take note that the drivers had alcohol and or other drugs in their system......good job copy and pasting though.
Let's just hope we can keep central maui green the way it should be.

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