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Hurricane Kiko Slowly Losing Strength

Forecasters continue to monitor Hurricane Kiko in the Eastern Pacific. At 11 a.m. HST, the center of Hurricane Kiko was located about 1,000 miles WSW of the southern tip of Baja California.
September 16, 2019 · 0 Comments

Akoni Downgraded to Remnant Low, Juliette Continues Weakening

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center and National Hurricane Center continue to track two systems that are on weakening trends.  
September 06, 2019 · 0 Comments

Tropical Storm Akoni Forms Far SE of Hawai‘i, Juliette Weakening

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center and National Hurricane Center are now tracking two systems: Tropical Storm Akoni which has formed far southeast of Hawaiʻi and Hurricane Juliette which is weakening in the Eastern North Pacific.
September 05, 2019 · 0 Comments

5 p.m.: Tropical Depression Flossie Continues to Weaken: Monday Updates

The weakening Flossie has been downgraded to a Tropical Depression and will move near the main Hawaiian Islands Monday through Tuesday
August 05, 2019 · 0 Comments

11 p.m. Flossie “Edging Closer”: Sunday Updates, Aug. 4

The updated official forecast brings the center of Flossie over waters just east of the Hawaiian Islands as a tropical depression on Monday.
August 04, 2019 · 0 Comments

5 p.m.: Flossie & Erick Update, New System Gil

On the heels of Erick, tropical cyclone Flossie will approach the islands from the east over the rest of the weekend into early next week
August 03, 2019 · 0 Comments

Maui Severe Weather Photos, Video

*If you have images or video of news happening on Maui, send them to us at [email protected]
August 02, 2019 · 0 Comments

Storm Prep for: Airports, Harbors, Highways

The Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation is informing the public of preparations it is taking in advance of possible weather impacts as Tropical Storm Erick passes south of the state and Tropical Storm Flossie approaches
August 02, 2019 · 0 Comments

Maui Storm Closures/Cancellations/Notices

This is a list of closures, cancellations and notices issued as businesses, groups and facilities deal with the inclement weather and approaching storms.  This list is updated regularly.
August 02, 2019 · 0 Comments

11 p.m.: Erick & Flossie Updates for Friday, Aug. 2

The center of Erick will pass by around 175 miles south of the Big Island tonight, with Tropical-storm-force winds extending outward up to 105 miles from the center, according to the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.
August 02, 2019 · 0 Comments

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