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September 06, 2015 11:39am
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October 03, 2015

Maui Police Officer Arrested in Theft Case

On Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015, at approximately 6:38 p.m., Anthony Maldonado, 26, of Makawao was placed under arrest for the offense of Theft in the Second Degree.
October 02, 2015

Maui Airport Firefighter Keahi, 2015 State Employee of the Year

Maui's Steve Keahi, an airport firefighter with the state Department of Transportation, was honored today with the 2015 Employee of the Year award from Governor David Ige.
October 02, 2015

Semi-Annual Main Hawaiian Islands Monk Seal Count, Oct. 24

NOAA Fisheries hosts its 17th semi-annual Main Hawaiian Islands Monk Seal Count on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Hawaiian monk seals are considered among the world’s most endangered marine mammals, with the population down to around 1,100 and falling at 3% per year.
October 02, 2015

Staff Shortage Affects Refuse Pickups in Haʻikū

All missed pickups are expected to be completed tomorrow, on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015. Affected areas include: Door of Faith Road; Hāna Highway into Kailua; East and West Lelehuna Place, ʻUlalena Loop, and all surrounding streets.
October 02, 2015

Community Emergency Response Team Training in Hāna

The 24-hour course is taught over four Saturdays, consisting of classroom instruction and field exercises. CERT is a training program that prepares members of the public to help themselves, their families, and their neighbors in the event of a disaster.
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October 02, 2015

New Additions at The Shops at Wailea

New additions at The Shops at Wailea include the opening of Island Gourmet Markets, a shopping spree giveaway through October, a simplified parking structure and a special Wailea Le‘a performance by Robert Cazimero.
October 01, 2015

Monkeypod Art Studio: Keiki Art, Music, Yoga and Fun!

Monkeypod's fall camp runs from October 5-13, 2015 for children ages 5 to 8 years old. Full Day and Half Day camp are available. They are offering a 10% discount...
October 01, 2015

Maui Finalists Seek Votes for Martha Stewart American Made Contest

Four Maui businesses, finalists that made it through the first round of judging by a panel of experts in the the Martha Stewart American Made contest, are seeking online votes for The Audience Choice Award. Voting ends at midnight on Oct. 19, 2015.
October 01, 2015

Online Travel Companies Pay State Millions

The State of Hawai‘i has recovered $53.1 million in general excise taxes, penalties and interest from online travel companies, including Travelocity.Com LLP, Expedia Inc., Orbitz LLC and Priceline.Com LLP from tax litigation that began in 2011.
October 01, 2015

Maui County Business Resource Center October Workshops

The County of Maui Mayor’s Office of Economic Development will offer free workshops in October. Workshops are presented at the Maui County Business Resource Center, a County of Maui facility, located in the Maui Mall across from Pizza Hut in Ste. B-9.

Real Estate VIEW ALL

September 29, 2015

What’s it Like to Live in Pā‘ia?

First home to immigrant families and plantation workers, Pā‘ia now has become a melting pot of cultures. Pā‘ia still boasts a solid local culture of amazing Hawai‘i-born families, but also consists of an international mix of residents including European and South American water sports enthusiasts, West Coast hippy migrants from the counterculture revolution (and, now, their children), New Age folks, surfers, liberals, and a myriad of residents who are attracted to Pā‘ia and the North Shore for the bohemian culture, healthy lifestyle, fabulous tropical weather and awesome ocean conditions.
September 14, 2015

RAM Reports Good News for Real Estate Buyers

"The good news is that with half of the sales being below the current price point of $550,000 for single-family residences and $355,000 for condos, we have sales at a more 'affordable' level then when the price points are higher."
August 10, 2015

RAM Reports Real Estate Statistics for July 2015

Monthly residential and condo unit sales numbers on Maui bounced up and down the last few months, with inventory still decreasing in July after the winter vacation, high sales season. But inventories are growing somewhat as sale prices increase.
August 05, 2015

Destination Resorts Hawaiʻi Becomes Destination Residences Hawaiʻi

After 39 years, Destination Resorts Hawaiʻi, one of the largest luxury private home vacation rental management companies on Maui is changing its name to “Destination Residences Hawaiʻi” effective this week. The Wailea-based company employs more than 100 residents and manages over 270 private homes for vacation rental in several resort properties including Wailea Beach Villas, Polo Beach Club, Mākena Surf, and more. The company has grown revenue by 50% since 2010.
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July 23, 2015

Ten Maui Companies Make PBN’s Top 50 Real Estate Firm List

Ten Maui residential real estate companies made Pacific Business News' Top 50 Residential Real Estate firm list, which ranked Hawai‘i's realty firms based on 2014 gross sales volume.


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October 03, 2015

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Latest Comments

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  • Re: 200 File to Become ʻAha DelegatesPosted by Bronson Kaahui on 10/3/2015 6:13pm

    Does everyone agree that I have the best candidate bio?

  • Re: New Additions at The Shops at WaileaPosted by aloha on 10/3/2015 5:33pm

    Agreed regarding the parking lot arms going down again a couple days ago. I took my visiting guest there yesterday and paid $12 parking for an hour and a half, the first and last time I'll partake. Less than impressed with the businesses there too, unfortunately. Many longtime kama'aina with same sentiment. Wishing the Shoppes of Wowlea luck.

  • Re: T.D. 7-C Forms, Expected to Become HurricanePosted by Yamanote on 10/3/2015 2:31pm

    Unbelievable 13th storm of the season. So far very lucky. Season ending soon. Fingers crossed.

  • Re: Maui Police Officer Arrested in Theft CasePosted by Maui_Mike on 10/3/2015 1:42pm

    Multiple sources are saying that these charges are false, a drug dealer who was arrested claims the cop stold his nine hundred dollars, it sounds far fetched to me, but even if it's true it certainly does not mean the entire department is corrupt, that would be a silly conclusion to reach, it would be like saying all people on Maui are bad because some are criminals......the majority of MPD are good people who love our island as much as the rest of us.

  • Re: Makawao Teen Arrested in Connection with Theft at LahainalunaPosted by Stand Alone on 10/3/2015 8:01am

    In some parts I agree with you. But the king k and others help in the finding of the person that is involved in the theft. And yes, it is a big shame for that individual that got caught. Even when you lived here before. If you got caught its a shame. Unless you call it something else?
    That individual failed the team not the team or coach nor the school failed him.he failed himself.

  • Re: Makawao Teen Arrested in Connection with Theft at LahainalunaPosted by Stand Alone on 10/3/2015 7:36am

    You're right. But it's a disappointing shame that they can't trust the kids especially that their on a team. A team that you would think they are taught to respect others. I guest you can't trust any of the kids now days. Even if the locker rooms are open anyone in the norm would not just go in and do anything they want especially if it's not their place for them to take anything without permission. Those kids that is involved in this is old enough to understand what they can and can't do and old enough to know that if you would take anything without permission and without anyone knowing thats stealing.
    But you are right about not trusting anyone they should lock it up and if any players need to enter they should ask permission to ues the facilities.

  • Re: Makawao Teen Arrested in Connection with Theft at LahainalunaPosted by Maui Troll on 10/3/2015 7:02am

    I do not condone the behavior. I do hope that the case is investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    With that said, security does seem to be haphazard at the new facility. The locker room is open to anyone who wants to walk in and do whatever they want. It is away from and not viewed from the playing field.

    In the future if Lahaina Luna wants to host games they need a security guard or off-duty police officer watching the locker room. Or at least provide a locker where valuables can be secured during the game.

  • Re: Makawao Teen Arrested in Connection with Theft at LahainalunaPosted by Maui Troll on 10/3/2015 6:56am

    King K has been rebuilding since 2006. The tone at the top needs to change, Begin by investigating and prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law...

  • Re: Maui Police Officer Arrested in Theft CasePosted by Maui Troll on 10/3/2015 6:50am

    Wonder why he is smiling? "I just saved a lotta money on car insurance!"

  • Re: New Additions at The Shops at WaileaPosted by Stand Alone on 10/2/2015 5:19pm

    LOL, The shops of Wailea is trying hard to get people to return. Like I said as long as you are charging for parking I will not return to the shop of wailea. And I know many others that feels the same. We don't feed greed.
    Oh and that new gourmet store that just open is the same at the old honolua store and they don't charge for parking. Oh, and let's not for get in kihei there's foodland, safeway, and star market that has much more selections and cheaper. Like I said before no loss to me..... and in kihei has all the same ABC stores all over. The only thing kihei don't have that the shops of Wailea has is those over priced shops and restaurants.... nothing that I'll missed. ...

  • Re: Three Maui Teens Arrested After Car Break-in Video Goes ViralPosted by Stand Alone on 10/2/2015 1:44pm

    Yep, and also its a shame that their parents have to.go through the humiliation caused by their own kids. Oh, well lesson to learn and teaching to be taught. .....

    I Must say, to all involved in getting these kids arrested. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!

  • Re: Three Maui Teens Arrested After Car Break-in Video Goes ViralPosted by Maui_Mike on 10/2/2015 1:34pm

    So true, I wish all criminals would make it that easy to catch and convict them, we could quickly weed them out of our society then......what donkey's!

  • Re: Three Maui Teens Arrested After Car Break-in Video Goes ViralPosted by Stand Alone on 10/2/2015 12:56pm

    I saw that one too. I wonder if they got arrested too. Some kid not all most are good but, some kids think it's cool to break the law and brag about it.
    These dummys have turned their own a$$es in by videotaping their own stupidity. But, what will hunt these punks is the shame and embarrassment they'll feel in public and in front of their own freind and families. And again I will say it again, GOOD FOR YOU STUPID IDIOTS!!!!!!
    Think about this you dumb A$$es every time you go out in public it will feel like everyone is looking at you...... HA,HA,HA,HA, GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!
    This island is to small.... and you'll find that out real fast..........
    And this will hunt you for the rest of your life you'll see when you try to get a job. LOL.........

  • Re: Search Underway: Unmanned Dingy Found Near Māla WharfPosted by Maui_Mike on 10/2/2015 12:37pm

    Is your dingy missing?

  • Re: Three Maui Teens Arrested After Car Break-in Video Goes ViralPosted by Maui_Mike on 10/2/2015 12:33pm

    Is there a common theme here?, I saw a video of some upcountry boys who broke into a home to party and take a swim, they too memorialized it to video and were caught, stupid is as stupid does.

  • Re: 200 File to Become ʻAha DelegatesPosted by Brian Deadbeet on 10/2/2015 11:34am

    So now Hawaiians can take bribes. Good news.

  • Re: Three Maui Teens Arrested After Car Break-in Video Goes ViralPosted by Brian Deadbeet on 10/2/2015 11:31am

    When you kill entry level jobs with taxes, what do you expect.

  • Re: Maui Crime Log Sept. 20–26: Burglaries, Break-Ins, TheftsPosted by Stand Alone on 10/2/2015 9:31am

    The Fricking list is getting longer and longer. Still waiting for these punks hit the wrong house. Lesson to be learned. You'll be sorry.and I won't give a rip......

  • Re: Makawao Teen Arrested in Connection with Theft at LahainalunaPosted by michael spencer on 10/2/2015 8:19am

    There wasnt no clear evidence in this article to specify who or exactly what was stolen, regardless if its not in a legal stand point to do so because of disclosure rights on each individual who did it and socialized with it. But to label and to create an article like this specifically headlining and directing it to King Keakaulike High school is rediculous and seems only to make a quick $2 bucks now (Assuming the price of Newspapers now days for whoever out there in the dark ages who still read lol). It comes with the saying " Whispered someones Successes and Broadcast their Failures!" Yes it is terrible to hear about this incident and how alot of you are mentioning "Shame" But these incidents happen alot throughout Maui even when I was living there and im sure even worst now. Theres no updates and headliners for those incidents and subjects! Since King Keaulike has been on the rebuilding stage of their football program it seems like they have been getting alot of Negative attention. Maui needs to help one and another, Older adults and generation needs to be a positive influence to these new and younger generations. Maui is as great as the people in it! Dont lose the Aloha! and great morals and values we install in our kids.

  • Re: 100 Men Who Care Maui Meeting Scheduled for Oct. 15Posted by Maui Troll on 10/2/2015 5:27am

    White man guilt at work here... Throw a few dollars at the locals and make themselves feel better...

  • Re: 100 Men Who Care Maui Meeting Scheduled for Oct. 15Posted by Maui Troll on 10/2/2015 5:27am

    Every day my friend, every day...
    And I don't need to have my name in the paper either...

  • Re: What’s it Like to Live in Pā‘ia?Posted by TSL on 10/2/2015 4:50am

    I just pay for parking!Can't stand the public lot next to mana!If you or I owned mana we would be required to supply at least 14 parking stall's!?How is it Mana got this exemption??

  • Re: 100 Men Who Care Maui Meeting Scheduled for Oct. 15Posted by TSL on 10/2/2015 4:14am

    I will bet if you look at these "do gooder's" you will find skeleton's in there closets!

  • Re: Three Maui Teens Arrested After Car Break-in Video Goes ViralPosted by Dr. Feelgood on 10/2/2015 3:23am

    Too bad there names and faces (and their parents) won't be released.

  • Re: Three Maui Teens Arrested After Car Break-in Video Goes ViralPosted by Stand Alone on 10/2/2015 12:42am

    Those disrespectful punks parents must be pissed off with their shameful shameless act.....
    Now they have to go to court with their jack@$$ kids. Those kids had shamed themselves and their families on this small island.
    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! NO RESPECT!!!! SO,SO, SHAME.......
    NOW PAY FOR IT!!!!!!

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