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October 05, 2015 01:43pm
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June 27, 2016

Residential/Condo Sales Decline, Land Sales Increase

May 2016 residential sales declined to 93 homes sold, condominium sales declined to 118 units sold and land sales increased to 14 lots sold.
June 27, 2016

Home Prices in Urban Honolulu Increase 6.6%

Honolulu home prices, including distressed sales, increased by 6.6% in April 2016 compared to April 2015; prices increased by .4% in April compared to March.
June 24, 2016

Ask the Expert: What Must You Know Before Buying a Condo?

Today’s question has been answered by L. Lee & Barbara Potts from Aloha Group Maui KW Island Living. This is part two of a four-part series about purchasing a condo in Hawai‘i. Click here to read part one. Q: What are the four things you must know before you buy a condo in Hawai‘i? A: If your realtor hasn’t mentioned these important... Read more »
June 21, 2016

Effort to Help Curb Evictions Expands to Maui

A grassroots effort called STAE or "Steps to Avoid Eviction" aims to ensure that landlords get paid the rent they are owed and tenants are not evicted.
June 17, 2016

Kamalani Community to Feature Uncommon Benefits

High-speed internet, gas energy and private yards are all value-added features of a new affordable housing project planned for North Kīhei on Maui. Site work for the Kamalani project  began in March, with construction planned for this fall. Project representatives say the project includes: a high-speed fiber optic broadband network; gas ranges and dryers and... Read more »

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Latest Comments

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  • Re: Maui ‘Ground Zero’ in Coral Reef StudiesPosted by Stand Alone on 6/29/2016 6:05pm

    LOL.... What I'm saying is my freinds are really out going, out spoken, radd, like doing things till dead tired. Sometimes over welm. But, lots of fun. They like to do all the tourist things like going out to hana, Haleakala, beach, dinner, bar hopping. All the above. Anything you can think of. But, again.😝 lots of fun. In a way yes, they are users. But I know how to handle them.
    Help? Not sure what your mean.
    But any way, like I said it's fun but, it's nice to get back into normal life after they leave. (Nothing bad).... it's just trying to be a good host when their here.
    That's all...

  • Re: Tickets Available for Fleetwood’s July 4th Rooftop BBQPosted by BlueTide on 6/29/2016 4:42pm

    Nice free PR... does this really count as an event? How many can they fit up there? and the price... is it very reasonable?

  • Re: Maui Marijuana Dispensary Earns Highest RankingPosted by Lance Shield on 6/29/2016 4:02pm

    Well then, say NO to all FDA drugs as well. After all, just look at all the dangerous possible side effects!

  • Re: Maui Marijuana Dispensary Earns Highest RankingPosted by Maui_Mike on 6/29/2016 3:53pm

    I think you somehow misunderstood me Lance, I too do not believe that Marijuana is a gateway drug, I have often spoke out in this and many other forums in defense of marijuana, and how you ever assumed different is a mystery to me, my post is obviously pro marijuana and always pro legalization.
    I hope this clarifies my position.

  • Re: Ask the Mayor: What Can Be Done About Maui’s Homeless?Posted by Maui_Mike on 6/29/2016 3:34pm

    The picture depicts a filthy animal too lazy to walk to a bathroom, this indecent filth should be held accountable and hopefully sent back where they came from as well.

  • Re: Maui Marijuana Dispensary Earns Highest RankingPosted by Lance Shield on 6/29/2016 3:27pm

    I happened to see a part of the old Donna Reed show yesterday morning. Apparently, her TV husband, Dr Stoned...er Stone, was in the hospital for some procedure. Donna and the family were in the waiting room and some doctor with thick rimmed glasses came out to give the family information. He had that official 'you can obviously trust me and everything I may say' look about him.

    I suddenly thought about how things have changed and now people have EVERY RIGHT to be suspicious of doctors and whatever information they may be dispensing. They are trained by the DRUG COMPANIES so you can probably bet your bottom dollar they will say there is no medicinal value to marijuana and will always push drug company propaganda.

    I was shocked to find that the great psychologist Sigmund Fraud...er Freud was PAID BY THE DRUG COMPANIES to endorse cocaine as useful and non-addictive. Everybody trusted him as suckers now blindly trust drug company trained doctors.

    American neurosurgeon and media reporter Sanjay Gupta blindly believed the OFFICIALY APPROVED FDA STORY about the USELESSNESS of marijuana in a medicinal capacity and eventually OFFICIALLY completely changed his mind about the matter. He stopped blindly believing the OFFICIAL STORY and began to think for himself and, of course, came to a different conclusion.

    What tends to anger me are the fools who use marijuana irresponsibly for which legitimate patients end up paying. Troublemakers always seem to make things bad for everyone else. Oh well...

    I take comfort in the fact that the baby boomers are taking over the world and people tend to get what they want in the long run; if they want it badly enough. Prohibition did NOT work for alcohol and it has NOT worked for marijuana. However, it has always made big money for the criminal organizations

  • Re: Maui Marijuana Dispensary Earns Highest RankingPosted by Lance Shield on 6/29/2016 3:08pm

    TO MAUI MIKE: Unless I am mistaken, the great scientist Carl Sagan found marijuana to be very helpful and I don't think it was a "gateway" drug for him. Why? Because Carl Sagan was not a weak-minded fool.

    If there was no marijuana those who get hooked on harder drugs would most probably still get hooked. Blame it on whatever you may like, they would most probably STILL GET HOOKED!!!

  • Re: Maui Marijuana Dispensary Earns Highest RankingPosted by Lance Shield on 6/29/2016 3:05pm

    TO MISS ANN: Weak-minded people, who cannot moderate themselves, will always find themselves screwed up no matter what they partake of. You should not blame marijuana because stupid people are too weak-minded to use it responsibly

  • Re: Maui Marijuana Dispensary Earns Highest RankingPosted by Lance Shield on 6/29/2016 2:59pm

    TO MR COMMENTER#37: You desperately need to do extensive research into corruption in science and in the science peer review process. Don't just go to those who have hopelessly brainwashed you.

    If you want to know the truth about Christianity DON'T GO to a Christian site. Go to UNBIASED sites to get your information.

    Don't go to the drug companies, or drug company supporters, for your information about the usefulness of marijuana as a medicine.

  • Re: Maui Marijuana Dispensary Earns Highest RankingPosted by Lance Shield on 6/29/2016 2:55pm

    TO COMMENTER#37 The abuse of ANY DRUG can lead to problems, period. However, the side effects to the overuse of marijuana pales compared to the OUTRAGEOUS side effects I always see from the latest drug company ads on television. I'm always left amazed that people are more than willing to take that dangerous stuff. "Ask your doctor" they say and YOUR DOCTOR is a legal drug pusher, but ONLY the drugs the drug companies are pushing

  • Re: Maui ‘Ground Zero’ in Coral Reef StudiesPosted by Miss_Ann on 6/29/2016 1:10pm

    Ok KGB secret agent lol.(joking of course, right?) I don't know whether its just me or Am i just seeing a contradicting messages. Maybe one day I will figure it out. I am sorry dear but it sounds to me like your friends are users. I am not asking for any help!! And why do you have to recuperate? What do they do to you?


  • Re: Ask the Mayor: What Can Be Done About Maui’s Homeless?Posted by Miss_Ann on 6/29/2016 12:35pm

    Politicians do your job!! Help your own people!! We'll remember when you come up for Re-election!!

  • Re: Hawai‘i’s Homeless Population Increases to 7,921Posted by Miss_Ann on 6/29/2016 12:26pm

    All those individuals who are responsible for this mess, should be put in one room, locked up and do not let them get out until there is the solution! This is beyond ridiculous!! Politicians should stop wasting time and resources!! Do your job politicians!! Yet they want to bring the refugees from some third world countries?? What a joke!!

  • Re: Maui ‘Ground Zero’ in Coral Reef StudiesPosted by Stand Alone on 6/29/2016 12:15pm

    You have mentioned alot of things to think about that most people don't think about before taking that step and moving to another place. Then finds out the hard way.
    As for most of my freinds that moved here is those that found out the hard way. But, I think it's better for me that way. Cause they also have way out attitudes like you do. Even worse than you. So, its nice to see them when they comes to visit. And it's nice to see them go home. LOL....
    when they leave then I have to recuperate.
    Glad they don't know who stand alone is or I'll probably hear from them. LOL....
    And as for the night marchers..... I have only respect for them. I have my resons.....
    As for most people, it may be best to go no the old saying. ... ( it's nice to visit but , don't want to live there ).
    That's what I say about Vegas. Ha,ha,ha....
    Though I drop you a note .

  • Re: Maui ‘Ground Zero’ in Coral Reef StudiesPosted by Miss_Ann on 6/29/2016 10:55am


    The price for the paradise it's pretty hefty. I would also mention that a lot of it, its also mental. Then of course its easier when you are young and gets tougher as you get older. Sorry to hear didn't work out with your friends. Maybe for some that make 230K per year it is 1, 2 and 3 project. Otherwise there is wealth of info out there. Once you start talking with others about this subject I sometimes surprise myself about the info I hear. But I like said earlier, the idea of moving to Hi is far away. Not anytime soon. I am totally aware that Hawaii its not just sun and fun. It takes a lot of sacrifice, strong will, commitment, doing a lot of research, asking, finding etc.,and maybe the biggest and the toughest thing to do is asking one self a question: Am I willing to swallow my pride. Am I willing to get up as early as 3-4 am to get to work, Am I willing to get my hands dirty and rough? Two totally different cultures, climates and on and on...
    I was on Maui twice. Vacationing. And every time, every morning I would wake up at 4 am. No exception! Nothing to do I would just leave my room and check things around. It's pretty amazing how between 4-6 am things are quite busy around the resorts. You got to appreciate and God bless those people who get up early to do their work to make surroundings look clean and pretty.
    ....so there I am, hehe, 4am, walking around the resort, weirdo weird lol, once I was greeting this guy, short chat blah blah, he says, oh good morning, Aloha! you are up! so I said to him yeah, im just heading close by the beach maybe I will see the Night Marchers...that was the end of the conversation lol.
    Look, besides I would never joke or make fun about the Night Marchers. It is life/death situation. Right? But I am sure you know some thrilling stories.


  • Re: Contract Awarded for Lahaina Bypass Project, Phase 1B-2Posted by frontstmaui on 6/29/2016 6:48am

    I thought the Lahaina Bypass was intended to BYPASS LAHAINA. What good will 2.7 miles of highway SOUTH of Lahaina do? The bypass should be extended 2.7 miles NORTH so residential traffic can skip all the lights and business traffic downtown. Would be nice to be able to skip 10 stoplights to get to Honokowai from Puamana....

  • Re: Contract Awarded for Lahaina Bypass Project, Phase 1B-2Posted by nomakelidat on 6/29/2016 3:58am

    Completion date of 2018? 2058 sounds more doable.

  • Re: Maui Planning Committee to Hear Affordable Housing InitiativesPosted by Kula Farmer on 6/29/2016 1:59am

    Affordable housing,,,,
    How about,
    County buy or enter partnership for a few thousand acres of A&B land,
    Subdivide into 1 acre lots
    Sell at cost to long time residents with stipulations on resale
    Low down
    County carry paper rather than a bank, same thing as a bond sale except the county gets the interest.
    Provide water,
    Thumb our collective noses at the EPA and let folks do cesspools to reduce costs,
    Waive or reduce fees,
    Allow homeowners to do own trades work, still needs inspections,
    Allow house and cottage, but house can not be over 2200sf with no minimum size,
    Allow homeowner to live onsite while building
    Allow alternative dwellings with allowances for innovation
    Require that all residents grow or attempt to grow a home garden
    Disallow vacation or short term rentals
    Disallow speculation

  • Re: Maui ‘Ground Zero’ in Coral Reef StudiesPosted by Stand Alone on 6/28/2016 3:11pm

    Hey bubbles, I was just pulling your legs. I'm glad that you love the islands. But if you're thinking about moving to hawaii... Think about it really carefully.... then rethink about it again.. then again.....
    Resons is the cost of living is high here. Yes, it's beautiful here but it comes with a price.
    I'm just trying to make sure you know what you're getting into. Most of my friends that tryed to live here failed
    They just couldn't adjust to the cost just to live here.
    Anyway, again like many others that came to visit us here in Hawaiʻi. Glad you appreciated what we have. And hope we can keep it the way everyone knows and loves Hawai'i for. With alittle fighting to preserve it.
    Aloha Bubbles.......

  • Re: Testimony Begins in Capobianco Murder TrialPosted by Maui_Mike on 6/28/2016 1:22pm

    What a weak defense, we all know he did it, and so does his attorney......and this jury will also come to the same conclusion, I'm sure of it.
    I would love to have five minutes alone with this creep.

  • Re: Maui ‘Ground Zero’ in Coral Reef StudiesPosted by Miss_Ann on 6/28/2016 9:45am



    I am just a sick freak about Hawaii islands. Every time im there it is such a rejuvenating experience. I admire its beauty. The views are stunning. i love the feel of the sand between my toes...I am a very outdoorsy person. Some tourists complain about not enough TV shows in their rooms. To me the beach, the ocean and the breath taking views-is the TV. And of course my blue Hawaiian, and Mai Tai...miss them all:)

    The Hawaiian men I came across were very polite. That's all.


  • Re: Testimony Begins in Capobianco Murder TrialPosted by Stand Alone on 6/28/2016 7:17am

    •\ /•

  • Re: Maui ‘Ground Zero’ in Coral Reef StudiesPosted by Stand Alone on 6/28/2016 7:07am

    Oh, I get it! While you were here on maui vacationing you met someone special.....
    Those things happens all the time.LOL.....
    Aw, poor-thing...... hey, don't feel to bad you might cross paths again.
    Have a good day......
    Ps. Some things is ment to be and some are just a life experience for your memory book in your head for you to compare with in the future of your life. Aloha....

  • Re: Ask the Mayor: When Will Hāna Highway Be Repaved?Posted by Dr. Feelgood on 6/27/2016 10:39pm

    Probably the best answer I've ever seen in the "ask the mayor" section.

  • Re: Ask the Mayor: What Can Be Done About Maui’s Homeless?Posted by Stand Alone on 6/27/2016 12:04pm

    Ha,ha,ha,.... hee,hee...... I knew you was going to see this......

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